Happy House Hunting – House #2­ – 15005 Cherrywood Dr., Laurel, MD 20707

Happy House Hunting – House #2­ – 15005 Cherrywood Dr., Laurel, MD 20707

We pulled up to the impatient looking real estate agent adorned with the sign behind her that read “For Rent, Please Call…” We joked that our fifteen minute lateness would immediately cause her to assume the rumored CPT is in fact true about African Americans. We broke the ice immediately by jumping out of the truck with nothing but warm hellos and reasons of traffic being our cause. Acknowledging her irritated demeanor, we quickly aimed to dispel the myth with overwhelming apologies for the traffic .

She explained that the extra fifteen minutes had cut into viewing the second house we’d planned and my husband in understanding, once again, explained that we had just run into a little traffic. She led us up the outside staircase and we turned our attention to the living room that foyer-ed the front. “Is this a two-level?” my husband inquired. “No, it has a basement,” she kindly replied. As we walked through the kitchen the realtor admitted that she hadn’t been in the basement having no idea what it looked like. I chimed in with the possibility that the basement may not be finished. We came upon the deck which was a nice size but was literally adjourned to the neighboring deck leaving little to no room for outside privacy.

We were surprised to walk down the steps to what we thought would be a basement space but instead found nothing more than the space to fit the washer and dryer that inhabited it. A back door opened to a small half sized patio covered with unkempt weeds.
My husband verified the rent as being $1850 which I though was good for the size and location. The Master Bedroom has it’s own bathroom which is a HUGE plus for my husband and a his and her closet which is a HUGE plus for me. I liked that they had a supplementary amount of closet space not only in the bedrooms but aligning the hallway.

When asked was the house ready to go the realtor responded with a definite yes informing that it has been on the market since May. I thought the house was a catch for the asking rent and was interested in why no one had snatched it up yet. She ignored my surprise and told us that the application fee was $25 per applicant while realizing as she looked at her folder that the house wasn’t $1850 but instead $1950 which made a lot more since to me.
Like any town home the quarters were so close that when you looked out of the Master’s bedroom window you would see the exact clone of bush fronts and similar houses across the way. Neither my husband nor I responded as we looked out the window and when I asked how he liked it he remained silent. I broke the still and almost awkward silence by complimenting the cleanliness of the carpet comparing it to the hideous one we’d seen prior. The walls were freshly coated and it was clear that effort had been put into a new home look.
I can’t help but to wonder however, with the quarters seemingly closer than normal, about the night life, the neighbors, and how many children and teenagers play in the narrow, private, reserved parking lot. I know from experience that a neighbor playing loud music from the home across the way would be a disturbance if done on a daily basis. If a car blasted loud music every night I am not confident that the home would be soundproof enough to shelter me from outside disturbances.
A plus for the Living Room area is that despite it’s small size it didn’t have a shortage of sockets and leaves more than enough option to set up electronics however the tenants desire. We coordinated our schedules so that we could meet up to view the second home that we would miss out on due to our tardiness.  The realtor wasn’t sure whether the next house is vacant but an appointment was made after double checking with the necessary party. Our happy hunting therefore is to be continued….


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